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yannnyanti 2018-06-13 23:59:40
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안녕하세요 하동균 가수님 팬이예요~

저는 한국어를 잘 못해요, 그래서 저는 이어서 영어를 쓸 것이다.


It was not long ago that I first heard and instantly be attractedby his unique voice. It is soothing and comfortable to hear, like a companion to the listener who will always be there.


I just want to say thank you for making such good music to the listeners, and your continued efforts of making your own music that is filled with your style. 


So please stay as truthful as possible to yourself and because I am an international (Malaysia!) fan, I felt so bad for not able to attend your concert... I hope one day, in the very near future, you will come to my country and open a concert, regardless of size, it will be so nice.


I will learn Korean and so that I can fully understand your lyrics and the meaning you’re bringing to us through your work. Thank you and be you.


매일 매일 행복하길 바래 동균님~~!

MARKPLANET 2018-06-15 오후 17:30

Thank you for your interrest and support.

HA DONG QN is trying to make a good song.

he is planing to meet fans throught concerts and broadcasting in South Korea 

but Unfortunately, the Concert is not scheduled in Malaysia.

We'd like to ask for your concern in the future as well.

Have a nice day.